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Disc In - The Games Concept Approach to Teaching Ultimate Frisbee is especially written for teachers, coaches and players as an introductory guide to Ultimate.

It covers the:

  • Nature and benefits of playing Ultimate;
  • Rules of the game;
  • Acquisition of Individual skills;
  • Different pedagogical approaches to teaching;
  • Practice drills to improve your game.

The book also includes:

  • Twelve lesson plans tested in actual school context.
  • Practical tips on how activities can be carried out for children aged seven to fifteen;
  • Ideas on how to introduce and present Ultimate to fellow teachers in your school;
  • Coaching strategies which you can apply to improve on your personal coaching methodology.
  • Importance of the Spirit of the Game as Ultimate is self-officiated.

About The Author:

Quek Swee Nee, is not only an experienced Ultimate player, he is also a professional Physical Educator and an accredited coach.


Our World Through Creative Dance is suited for parents, pre-school and primary school teachers of children aged 3 to 7 years. It shows how Creative Dance can be experienced at home or in a small playroom.

Our World Through Creative Dance will help you:

  • Get Started! With Fourteen fun activities;
  • Appreciate the benefits of Creative Dance;
  • Develop your very own dance activities;
  • Identify the components of dance;
  • Make music and dance part of your child’s growing years

About The Author:

Leong Lai Keun is a familiar figure in schools and has been passionate about Dance Education and the implementation of Dance in schools for over two decades. She was awarded the prestigious Carl Wolz Award for Modern Dance for Outstanding Work in Dance Education at the University of Hawaii . She has co-authored a Health text for secondary schools and a Health series for lower primary children.




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Icon Books is pleased to announce the release of a new movement education book, Our World Through GymFlash®.

Our World Through GymFlash® is designed to help parents and teachers introduce fundamental movement concepts to children aged 3 to 6 years. The title introduces easy to follow movement concepts common to beginning gymnastics. Using the colourful illustrations and simple language to demonstrate how gymnastics can be explored in a confined space, like at home or a small play room, the book familiarises parents with suitable warm-ups, stretches and movement activities.

With movement education becoming a focus in a child’s total development, Icon Books is catering to an emerging demand from parents who wish to explore movement and gymnastics with children in the comfort of their home. This year marks the eighth year that Icon has been distributing physical education and sports products to schools and institutions.

Our World Through GymFlash® is written by, Dr. Michael Koh , an established educator.

Also available from Icon Books is GymFlash®: The Complete Teacher's Guide to Movement Skills For Children.